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Awakened Deeksha

Special Nov/Dec Deepening 2012

Awakened Deeksha is Offered in Asheville
By 8 Local Awakened Beings.

What is Awakened Deeksha?

What is Awakened Deeksha? Awakened Deeksha is the latest phenomenon to emerge in 2012 from Oneness University. Regular, everyday Deeksha Givers and Oneness Trainers who have attended the Special Nov/Dec 2012 Deepening, or later Deepenings, and have been confirmed Awakened by Oneness University, offer this powerful new Deeksha. The Awakened Deeksha is offered in a 3 step process.

The first step is where the Awakened beings share their personal direct experience of Awakening with the participants. They share their everyday experience of how Awakening is manifesting in their lives. This is not theory, but the direct experience of the Awakened ones. This sharing causes a synchronization within the brain of the listener to the Awakened speaker.

The second step is where the participants ask questions of the Awakened about their experience of permanent Awakening, or of Awakening in general. The Awakened ones answer from their own, direct personal experience. This question and answer process results in a spontaneous "unlearning" where erroneous concepts and beliefs regarding Awakening are dissolved.

The third step is where the Awakened beings give hands-on-Deeksha for Awakening. Sri Bhagavan has taken the intent, that when participants receive Deeksha from the Awakened ones, that Awakening could happen right then, or within a short period.

As collective consciousness grows in the world with more and more Awakened people, the power of this Awakened Deeksha increases and the time it takes for participants to get Awakened is reduced.

This Awakened Deeksha process is offered online and locally around the world. Take advantage of it as often as you can!